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The Boers


The Boers and the Boer's Republics

The Boers, Dutch and German settlers – their successors name themselves today Afrikaander – settled in the middle of the 19th century in the southern Africa. The Khoisanide natives were also pushed away by the bantu tribes, which came here too. The Boers established many own republics, they could resist the Britisch pressure of expansion sometimes only for a few years. All Boer's Republics had their own flags. The map shows besides the British Cape Colony the position of the most important Boer's Republics:

Clickable map of the Boer's Republics and of the British Cape Colony

(today's borders in red)

Republiken der Buren Burenrepubliken Boer's Republics

Map: Freeware, University of Texas Libraries, modyfied by: Volker Preuss



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