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A popular unofficial Flag

Flagge Fahne flag Deutschland mit Adler mit Wappen Germany BRD
popular unofficial flag,
ratio = 3:5

On special occasions, for example at major sporting events, can be seen again and again black, red and golden flags flying the national emblem of the FRG in the middle. This is not the official flag of the FRG, which is not approved for home use, but an unofficial flag. Unofficially, means here: This flag has no sovereign character, and this can not get awarded. It is not a national symbol of the FRG. The official flag of the FRG is to be distinguished from the unofficial flag shown above by the following features:

• The official flag shows not the coat of arms of the state, but the so-called federal shield. The representation of the eagle in the federal shield differs from the representation of the eagle in the national coat of arms of the FRG, and the shield has a different shape too

• The federal shield is not placed in the middle of the flag, but is a little bit shifted towards the flag pole

The official flag for comparison:

Flagge Fahne flag Deutschland Germany Bundesdienstflagge Dienstflagge official flag
Official flag,
ratio = 3:5,




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