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Hunnic Empire






Flagge Fahne flag Hunnenreich Huns Empire Attila
alleged flag of the Hunnic Empire under Attila,
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1st cent. B.C. · the (Western-)Huns – an Asian rider nation – settle near the Aral Sea

350 · invasion of the Huns into the Empire of the Alans (between the River Don and the Caspian Sea)

375 · invasion of the Huns into Empire of the Eastern Gotes

410 · birth of Attila, he comes to the court of the West Roman emperor Honorius to the town Ravenna

434 · Attlia becomes the king of the Huns and leaves Ravenna

436 · the Huns help the West Roman Empire at the smashing of the Empire of Burgund

447 · invasion of the Huns into the East Roman Empire

451 · invasion of the Huns into Gallia, defeat of the Huns in the battle on the Catalaunic Fields

452 · invasion of the Huns into Italia

453 · death of king Attila, disintegration of the Empire of the Huns

454 · defeat of the remaining Huns in Pannonia (Hungary), escape to the Bulgarian Empire (today's South Urkraine)

469 · death of Dengizich, son of Attila

In the times of it's greatest extension the Empire of the Huns includes the territories of the following today's countries: Romania, Eastern Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine

Source: Atlas zur Geschichte, Wikipedia (EN), Discovery '97


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