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The Ku Klux Klan and the flag of the Confederacy

The flag of the Confederacy (actually a Confederate battle flag (along the lines of the Army of Tennessee), is always attributed to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), or even held as the most important symbol of the Ku Klux Klan. That's not true, most partially, namely for the early days of the KKK. The first KKK, launched just after the Civil War to life and was clearly a matter of the South. The ex-CSA-General Nathan B. Forrest was elected - without his knowledge - to the Chairman. After this first Klan, founded as a white self-protection against white and black profiteers (called "Carpetbaggers") as well as their southern collaborators, and against assaults of the US occupation, has degenerated to a "murder-manslaughter-lynching-muggings monster" (citation of Nathan B. Forrest) within a few years, this ex-CSA General Forrest resolved that first Klan radically. That here the flag of the South has played a big a role, is obvious. The second KKK, existend between 1920 and 1969, was not so much the cause of the whole South, but numerically rather the cause of the whole middle Northwest. It saw hisself elitist-Protestant, and demanded strikte segregation between black and white and a separate state only for blacks. This second Klan was so hard penetrated and infiltrated by intelligence agents of the FBI, that this Klan dissolved itself in 1969. This second Klan used exclusively the US flag and the KKK flag with the fire-cross, only the groups in the South used the CSA-war flag, but always, the US flag was dominant in such cases in addition to the fire-cross Flag. The third KKK, from about 1970 to the present existing, is on the one hand the high-official, which returns to its white-Protestant-American tradition in 1865. It uses exclusively the US flag and the KKK-fire-cross flag. In the south, the CSA-war flag is also permitted, but - like some years ago - the US flag must be dominant. About the year 2012 the local branch of Boston of the official KKK was reprimanded by the national board, because they had used the CSA-war flag at an event. This should be not allowed because Boston is not placed in the south.

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