New Russia

  • Federal State of  New Russia (Novorossiya)
  • founded of 24th of April in 2014
  • self-designation in Russian: Federativnoye Gosudarstvo Novorossia
  • self-designation in Ukrainian: Federatyvna Derzhava Novorosiya



Flagge flag Neurussland, Neu Russland, New Russia, Noworossia

flag of the Federation of New Russia



other Flags:

Flagge flag Neurussland, Neu Russland, New Russia, Noworossia

flag of the Federation of New Russia, variant with coat of arms

Flagge flag Neurussland, Neu Russland, New Russia, Noworossia

second model,
ratio = 2:3



Meaning/origin of the flag:
The flag of New Russia shows the colors of Russia: white, blue and red, in an arrangement as a blue diagonal cross with a white border on red ground. The origin lies in the flag of the New Russia party, which has occurred as a first for the interests of a state of New Russia on the territory of Ukraine.
Likewise in use ia an old Russian flag, exactly that flag which was between 1858 and 1915 the national flag of Russia. It showes three horizontal stripes in black, gold and white, the colours of the old coat of arms of Russia, black and gold (black eagle on golden ground) as soon as white, the colour of Saint George.


Coat of arms:

Wappen Neurussland arms New Russia Novorossia

coat of arms of New Russia


Meaning/origin of the coat of arms:
The coat of arms shows the Russian eagle. It holds a bundle of arrows and ears in its claws, is sitting on a hammer and an anchor, and wears a mural crown. On the chest of a breastplate, showing a Sagittarius. The state motto is: will and work!.


Regional Flags:

Flagge flag Republik Republic Donezk Donetsk

from 7th of April 2014,
flag of Donetsk People's Republic,
Source by: Wikipedia (EN)

Flagge flag Republik People's Republic Lugansk Luhansk Fahne

from 1st of January 2015(?),
flag of Lugansk People's Republic,
Source by: Wikipedia (EN)



Numbers and Facts:
  • area:
    not known
  • inhabitants:
    not known
  • capital:
    ca. 1 000 000 inh.
  • official languages:
    Russian, Ukrainian
  • Time Zone:
    GMT + 3 h



Ukraine and its claimed territories
Source: CIA World Factbook, modyfied by: Volker Preuss

New Russia and its claimed territories
red: in reality owned (July 2015)
Source: CIA World Factbook, modyfied by: Volker Preuss



After a coup in January 2014, the constitutional order and the democratically elected President of Ukraine were eliminated. The new leadership pursued a nationalist, anti-Russian policy, which was directed against the rights of national minorities of Russians in the country – which accounts for at least 10% of the population – and e.g. abolished the Russian language as one of the official languages of the Ukraine. The in the east and south of the Ukraine living Russians organized themselves and took over the power locally, in specific cities and regions, and proclaimed several Russian people's republics who aspired autonomy towards the Ukraine. The republics of Odessa and Kharkov had no long life and perished in the war, which the Ukraine startet, on the republics. Only the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk could withstand, and they joined on 24th of April in 2014 to the Federation of New Russia. On 2nd of November were organized first elections in the republics, and the pro-Russian forces had been the winners.



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