please read! is a project of and grants access to all the pages of that project. is purely a hobby-site. It is to serve first of all as a resource to identify a flag simply and fast (with the Flag-Finder), and furthermore to open up the world of flags to an interested viewer.

It contains flags, data and facts of all officially recognized states of the world, flags of secessionist territories, as well as many historic flags of states, or flags of no longer existing states. In addition many provincial flags or flags of territorial subordinated regions, flags of nations, and as far as known, the special flags of states and territories, such as merchant and naval flags or the flags of the heads of states.

Flag from various sources in the WWW are incorporated. In those cases Link(s) to the source(s) are built in. The images were generally taken from the Cliparts of older versions of Corel Draw, mostly Corel Draw 4. Contained herein are the flags and coats of arms of all states, and many of their dependant territories and federal states/provinces. These programs may be acquired easily from the Internet at reasonable prices and have an extensive export function.

Comments to give more detailed descriptions of the flags are also included. They were composed by the author of and translated into English by Mr. Joachim Nuthack, Canada. Available technical literature formed the basis for texts covering the meanings and origins of individual flags. These were perused and pertinent arguments gleaned, and finally added in a combined format. Depending on the author very different and sometimes contrary explanations for flags were found. However, a choice of which is correct or incorrect was not made because it is impossible for the author of to check the statements of eminent authors of the field of flags for their accuracy. Some findings of the author or those of users of the Flaggenlexikon which have been included are identified as such.

The flags of the Flaggenlexikon are displayed in the usual Internet resolution of 75 dpi, and are only suitable for viewing on a monitor. This is very important for flags with fine structures, such as the inclusion of coats of arms. Should such files still be enlarged for printing purposes, the results would not be satisfactory. This type of presentation, however, ensures fast loading times and little downloading times for files. The representations of the colours of flags is not binding.

Flags come in a wide variety of formats (side to side proportions), which had to be considered during the presentation and description of the flags. Is the format unknown, no clear description is given, and the ratio 2:3 is used.

It is in principle not allowed to download flags and texts or programed structures from this homepage, to copy them or to include them in your own website or to use in other. Please read about exceptions from this commitment under the menue-point "Download".

For damages of any kind incurred through the use of the contents and/or representations from neither the webmaster nor author of this homepage assumes responsibility. recommends several flag products and helps concretely in contacting the manufacturers or purveyors. Sale works not over this page itself. is a grown thing which through numerous suggestions from friends and users received additions and further development. Their tips and suggestions have contributed immensely to the success of these pages. A heartfelt thank-you for that! Many thanks also go to my family which has shown so much understanding for this wonderful hobby.

Volker Preuss
The Author


Supporting literature used to prepare the pages:

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Translator of some English text:
Joachim Nuthack