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The Flag-Finder offers the option to attribute a once seen flag easily and quickly. Search, identify and find your flag! The Flag-Finder contains more than 3.500 images of flags from all officially recognized countries of the world, from secessionist areas, as well as historic flags, flags of many provincial or territorial sub-territories, flags of nations, colonies, the special flags of the states and territories, such as merchant and marine flags (ensigns) or flags of the heads of state.

The Flags-Finder will help you to search and to identify a flag that you have seen somewhere. It works as a filter. You just have to know the characteristics of the flag you are looking for. Click simply through the Flag-Finder, and exclude or confirm these characteristics. The search will be supported during the process by simple pattern flags, they give some guidance.

With the connected Flag and State Encyclopedia you will find background-informations about the to the flag belonging countries, states or territories, and further informations about their Coats of Arms (Heraldry), Flags (Vexillology), Geography and History.

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