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historical Flag

Meaning/Origin of the Flag

Map of the regions of Italy

Numbers and Facts


Origin of the Country's Name


Flagge Fahne flag Italien Italy Region Subalpine Piemontesische Alba Republik Repubblica di Alba Repubblica Piemontese Repubblica Subalpina Piemont Piedmont Piemonte
Flag of Piedmont,
ratio = 2:3,
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historical Flag

Flagge Fahne flag Subalpine Piemontesische Alba Republik Repubblica di Alba Repubblica Piemontese Repubblica Subalpina Piemont Piedmont Piemonte
1796 · Repubblica di Alba,
1798, 1800 · Repubblica Piemontese,
1800–1801 · Repubblica Subalpina,
Source, by: World Statesmen


Meaning/Origin of the Flag

The flag of Piemont is derived from the coat of arms of the country. It shows a white bar-cross on red ground (coat of arms of the Savoyen dynasty) a blue borden and a blue tournament collar. The House of Savoy ruled the country since 1033, only logical that the heraldry of the house (white cross on red) appears on the flags and coats of arms of Piedmont. The design of the coat of arms and of the flag goes back to the coat of arms of the Prince of Piedmont, the oldest son of the King of Sardinia-Piedmont.

Source: Wikipedia (D), Volker Preuß


Map of the regions of Italy

all names in Italian
interaktive Landkarte
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Numbers and Facts

Area: 9.807 square miles

Inhabitants: 4.341.000 inh. (2019)

Density of Population: 443 inh./sq.mi.

Capital: Turine (ital.: Torino), 871.000 inh. (2019)

Languages: Italian, Piemontese

Time Zone: GMT + 1

Source: Wikipedia (D)



5th cent. B.C. · settlement by Celtic and Germanic tribes

since 2nd cent. B.C. · Roman conquest

15 B.C. · establish of three Roman provinces in the region of the today's Piedmont

476 · dismissal of the last Roman emperor Romulus Augustulus, end of the (West)Roman Empire, the today's Piedmont belongs to 493 to the Empire of the Odoaker

568/569 · conquest of Piedmont by the Langobardes and incorporation into their empire

774 · conquest by the Franks

781 · incorporation of the Lombardy (with the today's Piedmont) into the Frankish Empire (Carolingians)

843 · at the division of the Frankish Empire the Lombardy comes to the Kingdom of Italy

888 · after the vanish of the Carolingians the Region disintegrates into small states

961 · Otto I. brings the Lombardy (with the today's Piedmont) to the German Kingdom

967 · Earl Aleramo (ancestor of the Aleramician's house) gets appointed as Margrave over Piemonte by Otto I.

1033 · the house of Savoy detaches the Aleramicians

12th cent. · because of the fights of the Lombardic towns against the German Empire the region becomes confused, and local margraves rule the land, there arise just as diverse small states

1416 · Amedeo VIII. buys the title "Duke in Piedmont" from the German emperor Sigismund

1494 · France starts it's Italy campaigns, in Piedmont there are fights between French, German and Spanish troops

1559 · peace treaty of Cateau-Cambresis, Piedmont comes to the house of Savoy again

1563 · Turine becomes capital of the Piedmont

1629 · France invades Piedmont again

1701–1713 · Spanish heritage succession war, in Piemonte are fights between France and the house of Habsburg

1714 · peace treaty of Utrecht, the house of Savoy-Piedmont purchases Sizily

1718 · by barter in return for Siziliy comes Sardinia to the house of Savoy-Piedmont

1720 · unification of Sardinia-Piedmont with the country of Savoy, establish of the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont by the house of Savoy

1796 · after the conquest by French troops in Piedmont gets proclaimed the Republic of Alba (at Napolèons grace)

1798 · proclamation of the Piedmontese Republic (at Napolèons grace)

1800 · rename of the Piedmontese Republic in Subalpine Republic (at Napolèons grace)

1802 · direct annexation of the whole Piedmont by France

1814 · the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont gets restored

1815 · Vienna Congress, Sardinia-Piedmont purchases the Duchy of Genova

1821 · revolutionar riots, Austria intervenes

1847 · anti Austrian riotings

1859 · independence war against Austria, France intervenes, Austria loses and leaves Italy, France annexes the country of Savoy and the County of Nice

1861 · King Vittorio Emanuele of Sardinia-Piedmont proclaims the Kingdom of Italy

1946 · establish of the Piedmont region as an administration unit

Source: Atlas zur Geschichte, Wikipedia (D), World Statesmen


Origin of the Country's Name

The name "Piedmont" means "foot of the mountain," and describes the geographical location of the country. The Italian name is "Piemonte", the French "Piedmont".

Source: Handbuch der geographischen Namen



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