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The German Olympic flag

Both German states, the FRG (Western Germany) and the GDR (Eastern Germany), used until 1959 the same flag, the well-known black, red and gold, not least to hold onto the idea of a unifyed Germany, albeit under a different ideological aspect. The GDR has set an emblem on its flag in 1959, first to prevent confusions with the FRG, and secondly, to point out to the ideological difference. In the field of sport (at the Olympic Games), however, they wanted to continue with a common German team, but a common symbol had to be created which was acceptable for both teams. Thus the German Olympic flag was created, a flag in black-red-gold, with the Olympic rings in white in the middle, which came into use from 1960.

Flagge Fahne flag Olympia DDR GDR Ostdeutschland East Germany FRG BRD Deutschland Germany

In addition, there was also an all-German Olympic anthem, which was intoned during the opening of the Olympic games when the teams march in the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony, and, if necessary, for the win of a gold medal. From both teams was used was Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" ("Ode an die Freude", "Freude schöner Götterfunken"), from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (the today so-called "Europa-Anthem"). At the Olympic Games of 1968 there started already two separate German teams, but both used the black-red-golden flag with the Olympic rings and both used the hymn "Ode to Joy". At the Olympic Games of 1972 the separation of the two German states was completed.





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