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You are interested in flags? Maybe you want by the one or other flag? You are right here.
Flags and standards become produced in high numbers in the whole world, with the usual, every and every again appearing motives and they are to by moderately priced everywhere. If you already know which flag you want to have, and you dont come from overseas (shipment costs!), we recommend shopping in our copartner's shop www.flaggenfritze.de (please click the logo):

Flaggen und Fahnen


If you first want to have a view over the world of flags, or you search for rare flags which are not made in mass production, or they become no longer produced, e.g. flags of former states, former colonies, flags of presidents, historic flags etc., than you shold have first a view into www.flaggenlexikon.de.
Read further important background informations about the countries or the flags (please click the logo):



You want a flag with an own motive? Flags with the logo of your company, your club, your municipality etc.?
We from
www.painanta.com offer flags in individual production with your own special motives (please click the logo):