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The Procedure

To avoid uncertainties in the process of flag manufacturing in cooperation with www.painanta.com you can see here graphically and in detail the whole procedure of flag manufacturing, the procedure in inquiry and order:


You saw a special flag at www.flaggenlexikon.de and you detected that this flag is not so easy to get in the normal flag trade, or you wish a quite particular motive. In both cases the flag has to be manufactured.

For this you have to use the prepared form under www.painanta.com to express your wishes out of the possibilities for the manufacturing. In exactly the same way you decide about the from you prefered way of payment. That means: You word a inquiry which becomes send to us for preparation of an offer:

We at www.painanta.com analyze your inquiry, check the possibilities for realize, calculate the upcoming costs with included shipment and the work which is to do, make a price, and send you an offer per e-mail.

You check the offer and decide for the production, you tell us that fact per e-mail as an order, or you renounce the manufacturing of the flag and you do not react following the offer, and you will never hear anything from us. If you whish the manufacturing, you had already told us your way of payment during the fill of the inquiry form:

1st cash on delivery (if possible abroad)

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cash on delivery

2nd prepayment

When your e-mail reached us in which you tell us about the accept of the offer and you whish the manufacturing of the flag, we prepare an invoice which reaches you per e-mail. We will then wait for the arrive of the payment on our bank account. About this we will tell you by an order-confirmation.



Now start the works of your order. These are typing and designing works, layout, digitalization, vectorization, and the preparation of a proofreading file, which you will get per e-mail.

You check the proofreading file. Either you prompt correction or you release the print-order.

We at painanta.com send the by you released version as print file per e-mail to the manufacturing company.




The manufacturing company checks the data and prepares a further proofreading data and they will send it to us.

We check the proofreading data of the manufacturing company again if all your wishes had been realized well and we release the order for production or prompt corrections.
Now your order goes in production. The flag becomes printed and afterwards processed after your wishes, they stitch the border, fix a leech-ribbon, carbines, metal lugs and so on. Your order becomes packed, and prepared for shipment and gets send to you per forwarding business. That will need some times, about 10 until 20 working days, because the manufacturing company has to place our order between others.

You receive the consignment. Your order is finished.

How you can see is this a process which needs many production steps and also needs some time.
Certainly you understand that urgent orders with firm dates are not to realize.