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About us

painanta.com is since August 2008 on the market. The company is managed by Mr. Volker Preuss. It is the concept of a successful advertising agency which is specialized for flags and banners and has meanwhile get a respectable number of clients. Our customers come mainly from Germany and Austria, but also from the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, USA and other countries.

About appropriate partners we enforce the distribution of to reproduce and already made flags. The business is mainly based on the website www.flags-lexikon.com. It was announced by Mr. Volker Preuss in 1998 (first as www.flaggenlexikon.de), and is today one of the most important and largest flag websites in Germany, which especially has to offer lexical, historical, heraldic and vexillological informations.

Over the years, without any action in website optimization, was achieved a top position in the search engines with the German domain, not least because many reputable sites use the informations of the lexicon and link back.

When the issue of flags was tapped commercially, was founded the company and the website painanta.com, not least to ensure that the information character of the flag lexicon should remain, a step who has been found to be correct, not least due to the high visitor numbers and the good turnover.

Volker Preuss is typesetter for desktop publishing, today named media designer, and printer.

Click here and you can get see some work by Mr. Volker Preuss, coming here and presented as references.

The word painanta is of Finnish origin and means "print".